RailModule.net is a .net development for Sage Pastel Evolution. It contains a stock receiving module in batch form, a redesigned purchase order module with additional features and a lot more. The customer is working strictly project based and it is possible, to assign certain task to projects, set its defaults and at the end, close projects and create automatically a (partially) invoice.

Baeren.net is a program to manage a bear collection. It has been designed for a private person that has a huge collection of precious bears from all over the world. You can add/edit/delete bears, attach unlimited quantity of pictures to each bear, print a coversheet from each with its pictures or a list. Sorting, grouping and filter possibilities for each field is available. Baeren.net is developed in .net and uses the Microsoft SQL2005 Express Database. Baeren.net can be used for any kind of collection management, simply changing the field names.

This is a high level billing system, developed on .net for Microsoft Dynamics GP. It was designed for cities, town councils and regional councils to bill their meter clicks for water and their various fees e.g. sewerage, electricity, dog taxes, rentals, open market stands etc. BillingSystem.net also contains a complete valuation system, handling property with its  improvement or not improved land . All invoices go into an accounting batch of Microsoft Dynamics. Get in touch with us to know all the available features.

JobCard is an advanced job costing module for Sage Pastel Evolution that was created for the automotive industry. It allows for administration of jobs, handled by different artisans, as well as all warranty and maintenance jobs where the costs do not go through to the client but a full record is needed on all work done on the vehicle. Invoiced jobs show automatically in Evolution. Overall invoice report enables you to give the insurance a complete overview of the work done that includes separate invoices for client excesses.

Contract Billing in a module for Sage Pastel Evolution. It handles your rental and service contracts if you are in the Copy-Market


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